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Family matters: Airport artwork highlights family roots | Arts & Culture

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Family matters: Airport artwork highlights family roots
Family matters: Airport artwork highlights family roots

ATLANTA -- In a new exhibit at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, family photographs capture the love and hope shared by artist Lesley Ann Price's German and South African ancestors.

The exhibit, "Liebe Papa," is an art project inspired by mementos, postcards and documents collected by Price's late father, Henry Lesser.

Lesser was born in Berlin and migrated to South Africa at the age of 13 -- before Adolf Hitler began confiscating the businesses and belongings of German Jews. From his new country, Lesser began writing postcards home, many of which belong in "Liebe Papa . . ." [Dear Papa].

"Here we see the story of one family's journey," said Katherine Dirga, Airport Art Program manager. "These photographs prove to be records, combined with fictional imagery used to tell a layered and intuitive but no less 'true' account of the artist's family history."

Two legendary fictional German figures appear in the photographs among Price's family members. The characters Till Eulenspiegel and Struwwelpeter demonstrate "disastrous" consequences for misbehaving people

These characters surface throughout Price's work, inserting themselves into her ancestral memories and bringing a dreamlike quality to these luminous collages.

"Liebe Papa" will be displayed in the Airport's Atrium through Wednesday, July 13.